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Welcome to my kitchen, where I’m excited to share one of my all-time favorite southern-style recipes: Raisin Sauce! This rich and flavorful sauce is the perfect partner for baked ham, roasted pork chops, or even as a steak sauce.

This sauce has just the right balance of sweet and spicy flavors that will take your taste buds on a journey through the deep south. The savory taste of broth, Worcestershire sauce, cloves, and butter all mingle perfectly with the sweetness of raisins and brown sugar. And let’s not forget the kick from a pinch of pepper – it’s like a little wink from the dish, adding that surprise element that we crave in our meals.

I remember my mom making this recipe for Sunday dinners when I was growing up. The aroma alone filled our cozy home with warmth and anticipation. Now it’s my turn to share this recipe with you – your family and guests will be asking for seconds!

So put on your apron, grab your ingredients, and let’s get started on this flavorful southern-style Raisin Sauce recipe.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Raisin Sauce, Southern Style
Raisin Sauce, Southern Style

There are countless reasons why you’ll love this southern-style raisin sauce recipe, and I’m thrilled to share them with you. Firstly, it’s a versatile sauce that pairs well with a variety of dishes, making it perfect for adding a sweet and spicy kick to baked ham, pork chops, sweet potato, and even steak. Secondly, the combination of brown sugar, raisins, Worcestershire sauce, cloves, and other spices will tantalize your taste buds and leave your mouth watering for more.

But that’s not all. This recipe is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients that are commonly found in any pantry. You won’t need any fancy equipment or techniques to make this sauce since it can be whipped up in a small saucepan with minimal effort. This means you can impress your guests with an elaborate and delectable dish without spending hours in the kitchen.

Another fantastic thing about this sauce recipe is that it’s highly customizable. You can adjust the sweetness or heat level of the sauce by tweaking the amounts of sugar or spices used in the recipe. Additionally, you can experiment with different types of raisins – golden or sunmaid – to get the desired texture and flavor.

Finally, this southern-style raisin sauce is perfect for those who love to meal prep ahead of time since it can be stored easily in the fridge or freezer for future use. It’s also an excellent addition to your collection of glaze or sauce recipes. So why not give this recipe a try and discover for yourself why it’s such a crowd-pleaser?

Ingredient List

 Sweet and tangy raisin sauce, perfect for a variety of dishes!
Sweet and tangy raisin sauce, perfect for a variety of dishes!

Here is a list of ingredients you will need to make this delicious southern-style raisin sauce:

  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup raisins
  • 1/3 cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon butter

Add flavor to your dish with these additional ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • Dash of cloves
  • Dash of pepper
  • 2 cups broth

If you prefer spicy, add:

  • Spicy raisin sauce: Increase dry mustard and add red pepper flakes.

Experiment by adding different kinds of raisins or fruits like pineapple, apple, almond or sunmaid raisin which gives the sauce a golden color.

The Recipe How-To

 Elevate your pork chops with this Southern-style raisin sauce.
Elevate your pork chops with this Southern-style raisin sauce.

Now that we have all of our ingredients prepared, it’s time to get started on making this delicious southern-style raisin sauce. Follow along with these easy steps to create a sauce that will elevate any dish.

Step One: Prepare the Raisins

In a small bowl, soak 1 cup of raisins in warm water for at least 10 minutes. This will help plump them up and make them easier to incorporate into the sauce. Be sure to drain the water before adding the raisins to the recipe.

Step Two: Cook the Sugar Mixture

In a medium-sized saucepan, combine 1/2 cup packed brown sugar with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Add in 1 teaspoon of dry mustard, and a pinch of salt, cloves, and pepper for extra flavor.

Then, stir in 1 cup of vinegar, and 1 cup of broth or water until everything is well mixed.

Step Three: Add the Raisins

Add in your drained raisins into the saucepan with other ingredients. Cook for about 5-10 minutes on medium heat, giving it time to fully incorporate and allowing flavors to meld together. Make sure to stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn at the bottom.

For those looking for something extra spicy, you can add in some Worcestershire sauce or a bit of hot sauce to provide some heat.

Step Four: Thicken the Sauce

If you feel like your sauce is still too thin, don’t worry! You can thicken it up by creating a cornstarch slurry.

Take one tablespoon of cornstarch and mix it with two tablespoons of cold water until there aren’t any lumps. Slowly add this mixture to your sauce, stirring constantly until it thickens up to your desired consistency.

Step Five: Finish and Serve

Once your sauce is the perfect consistency, take it off the heat and stir in 1 tablespoon of butter until it melts. You can serve the raisin sauce immediately as a delicious addition to any meat entree or as a dip for bread.

Your southern-style raisin sauce is now complete. Enjoy!

Substitutions and Variations

 The texture of plump raisins in this sauce will make your taste buds dance.
The texture of plump raisins in this sauce will make your taste buds dance.

One of the great things about cooking is that there is always room for some customization. You can always experiment with different ingredients and seasonings to suit your taste or dietary preferences. Here are some substitutions and variations you can try for this raisin sauce recipe:

– Spicy Raisin Sauce: If you like a bit of heat in your sauces, you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes to the recipe. This spicy raisin sauce is perfect for pairing with smoked meats or grilled chicken.

– Rum Raisin Sauce: For a boozy twist, replace the water and vinegar with dark rum in this recipe. The rum will infuse the raisins with its rich flavor, making it an ideal topping for ice cream, bread pudding or baked sweet potato.

– Pineapple Raisin Sauce: If you prefer a sweet and tangy sauce, you can add 1/2 cup of crushed pineapple and its juice to the recipe. The acidity of the pineapple will balance out the sweetness of the brown sugar and raisins.

– Almond Raisin Sauce: For a nutty flavor, add 1/4 cup of slivered almonds to the saucepan before adding the other ingredients. The almonds will complement the sweetness of the raisins and make the sauce even more flavorful.

– Apple Raisin Sauce: Another fruity alternative is to use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar and add 1 chopped apple to the saucepan along with the raisins. This variation pairs well with pork chops or ham steak.

Remember that every change you make will affect the flavor and consistency of the sauce, so be cautious when experimenting. But do not be afraid to explore your creativity and make it your own way – this Southern-style raisin sauce recipe can be adapted in many ways!

Serving and Pairing

 Turn up the flavor on chicken or turkey with this zesty raisin sauce.
Turn up the flavor on chicken or turkey with this zesty raisin sauce.

Once you’ve prepared the delectable raisin sauce, it’s time to serve it up with a dish that will complement its sweet and tangy flavors. This Southern-style sauce is the perfect accompaniment to baked ham, giving the meat a mouth-watering glazed finish that’s sure to impress.

To make the meal even more complete, try pairing the ham and raisin sauce with roasted sweet potatoes or buttery mashed potatoes for a delicious and comforting combination. The savory flavor of the ham perfectly offsets the sweetness of the raisin sauce, while the creamy texture of the potatoes adds a satisfying balance to each bite.

For those looking to add a bit of spice to their meal, consider making a spicy raisin sauce by adding in some red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper. This variation pairs well with grilled pork chops or steak for a flavorful and hearty meal.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try using this versatile sauce in other recipes as well. It can be used as a glaze for baked chicken or salmon, or even as a topping for bread pudding or sundae ice cream.

No matter how you choose to serve it, this Southern-style raisin sauce is sure to elevate any meal with its irresistible blend of sweet and savory flavors.

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Impress your friends with a homemade sauce that packs a punch.
Impress your friends with a homemade sauce that packs a punch.

With this Southern-style Raisin Sauce recipe, making it ahead is a great way to save time and have it ready when you need it. The good news is this sauce can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator or freezer for up to one week or one month, respectively.

To store the sauce properly, transfer the cooled sauce into an airtight container and label it with the date. Place it in the refrigerator or freezer. Before reheating, thaw the frozen sauce in the fridge overnight.

To reheat it when needed is so easy. You can either use the microwave or stovetop method to bring it back to life. If the sauce is thickened or separated, don’t worry; this is normal after refrigeration or freezing. Simply stir well and reheat until warmed through (for about 5-7 minutes). For an extra smooth consistency, consider running it through a blender before heating.

It’s essential to note that while storing and reheating, keep an eye on seasoning as there may be some loss in flavor over time due to storage. To restore its taste and aroma, add more of the ingredients if needed.

In conclusion, making raisin sauce ahead allows you to fully appreciate its Southern flavors without having to rush prep time on busy days. Proper storage and reheating will ensure that you enjoy this southern-style Raisin Sauce recipe well beyond its initial serving.

Tips for Perfect Results

 The perfect balance of sweet and sour will make this raisin sauce your new go-to condiment.
The perfect balance of sweet and sour will make this raisin sauce your new go-to condiment.

Making the perfect raisin sauce for your ham requires a bit of finesse and attention to detail. Here are some tips to ensure you achieve perfect results every time:

1. Use high-quality ingredients: This might seem like a given, but using fresh and high-quality ingredients can make or break the flavor of your sauce. Opt for fresh raisins and broth, and choose your spices wisely.

2. Keep an eye on the consistency: The consistency of your sauce should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Use cornstarch to thicken it as needed, but be careful not to overdo it.

3. Taste and adjust seasoning: Taste frequently as you cook, adjusting the seasoning as needed. Adding a pinch of cloves or dried mustard can help balance out the sweetness of the raisins.

4. Let it cool before serving: Raisin sauce tastes best when it’s served at room temperature, so be sure to let it cool completely before pairing it with your ham.

5. Double the recipe: If you’re cooking for a larger crowd, consider doubling the recipe. Raisin sauce keeps well in the refrigerator for up to a week and is a great accompaniment to pork chops or steak.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to make a luscious and succulent raisin sauce that is sure to elevate any baked ham recipe.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy way to add a southern-style touch to your baked ham or sweet potatoes, look no further than this raisin sauce recipe! With just a few simple ingredients and some easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have a sweet and tangy sauce that is sure to impress.

I hope this recipe has inspired you to try something new in the kitchen and explore the wonderful world of southern cooking. Whether you’re serving up a ham steak or dressing up your favorite pudding, this raisin sauce is sure to add a little bit of extra flavor and flair to your dishes.

So why not give it a try? Whip up a batch of this delicious sauce today, and discover for yourself just how versatile and delicious southern-style cooking can be. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Raisin Sauce, Southern Style

Raisin Sauce, Southern Style Recipe

A perfect sauce for ham or tongue from the United States Regional Cookbook, Culinary Arts Institute of Chicago, 1947.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Course Sauce
Cuisine Southern cuisine
Servings 1 cups
Calories 99.2 kcal


  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 1 1 cup stock, from ham, tongue or 1 cup use water
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • 1 cup raisins
  • 1 tablespoon butter (no substitutions)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • pepper, to taste
  • 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 5 cloves


  • Mix sugar and cornstarch; add broth gradually, stirring constantly.
  • Add remaining ingredients and cook, stirring occasionally, until raisins are plump and mixture is thick.
  • Serve hot.

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Serving: 29gCalories: 99.2kcalCarbohydrates: 23.3gProtein: 0.5gFat: 1.1gSaturated Fat: 0.6gCholesterol: 2.6mgSodium: 176.4mgFiber: 0.5gSugar: 20.5g
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